>   Location #1
Location #1
48" x 60.5"

Yeondoo Jung stages elaborately realized tableaux that employ real landscapes, man-made settings, painting and theater. The resulting cinematic images explore where the genuine and fake coexist, where reality is confused with reproduction.

Works in the Location series are titled by their numeric order of creation within the series. Location #1 is an intervention into a clichéd view of a typical Asian landscape with a figure and cherry blossom tree in the foreground. Jung’s landscape is framed by a theater stage replete with a curtain pulled to the left. Aside from their constructed state, Jung’s images leave viewers guessing about which elements are real and which are fake.

From Laurie Ann Farrell, “Into The Mind’s Eye: Fantasy and Wonderment in the Works of Yeondoo Jung,” Yeondoo Jung: I’ll Remember You (exhibition catalog). Savannah College of Art and Design, 2007.