>   Globe
28.75" x 30.75"
Mixed media

Globe is one of two works Cvijanovic created in response to the structure in the exhibition Low Country Babylon that he and his students at SCAD produced for an intensive painting class themed “Painting a Memory Palace.”1 The project was designed to evoke the ideas of individuals speaking their own language to create a collective story—a story of Savannah, Georgia — inspired by Pieter Bruegel the Elder’s The Tower of Babel (1563). Rooted in the structure of Russian Constructivist art and architecture and a dash of outsider art aesthetic, Low Country Babylon honored the tradition of painting. Each artist created one or more paintings, which hung on the surface of a winding wood tower structure. The surface of Cvijanovic’s painting is comprised of various sizes of white squares and rectangles meant to reference blank painting panels. In direct response to Low Country Babylon, Globe depicts an underlying wood structure in the shape of a sphere, which grows up out of the earth.

1The works were created during the artist’s tenure as a Distinguished Visiting Faculty for the Savannah College of Art and Design’s painting department in 2008.