>   Frieze
30" x 110"
Large format Polaroid

American photographer William Wegman is best known for his iconic photographs of dogs, particularly his own Weimaraners. These endearing, witty and widely-appealing portraits often reinvent images of familiar magazine fashion spreads with the intent of referencing compositions and styles of well-known 20th-century photographers or mimicking scenes from art historical paintings. In Frieze, Wegman aligns a series of five black-and-white images of silver Weimaraners linked together like a train. A single dog seated at either end of the image acts as the head car and the caboose. This image is a humorous nod to notions of progress and forward motion, paying homage to the historically significant late 19th-century series Animal Locomotion by Eadweard Muybridge as well as the cavalry on horseback from the 5th Century BCE Parthenon’s frieze.