>   Foundling Warrior Quest (II 21C)
Foundling Warrior Quest (II 21C)
30" x 22.5"

The Foundling Warrior Quest (II 21C) series of six prints1 offers a rare view of Booker’s process—a foraging of the industrial landscape for materials. These works not only highlight her use of sustainable, found materials, but also connect Booker’s sculpture to the performative process that precedes the strength and effort required to make them. The imagery in these prints derives from one of two little known and rarely seen photographic series that Booker produced in the mid-1990s. Dressed in uniformed attire and crowned in a wrapped headdress, Booker is seen sourcing her treasures within a harsh environment.

1 These prints were produced in collaboration with the Savannah College of Art and Design’s Southeastern Center for Printmaking in Atlanta, Georgia.