>   Drive-By
Nick Cave, Drive-By

16-minute Blu-ray disc

Nick Cave’s prolific oeuvre engages sculpture, fashion, video, sound and performance. Suggestive of ceremonial garments, costume, haute couture and superhero apparel, Cave’s signature Soundsuits, or performative wearable sculptures, are intricately ornamented with reclaimed fabric and found objects selected for their symbolism and auditory function. Densely layered in material and meaning, Cave’s otherworldly creations are included in performances of spoken word, intense dance choreography and DJ music extravaganzas. Drive-By features Cave and numerous suited dancers energetically moving and interacting like otherworldly creatures in a jovial ceremony. His performances are often inclusive of and responsive to the surrounding community as evidenced by his 2009 commissioned performance realized at SCAD’s deFINE ART program. Cave’s practice also engages fashion. A recent collaboration with the 2010 September issue of Vogue magazine seamlessly fused the artist’s Soundsuits with accessories and handbags in an animated presentation that blurred the lines between luxury advertising and Cave’s performative happenings.